I am crazy about sports wear

Last days I have been updating my sports wear and I am in love with the new sport line from Victoria´s Secrets the colors are so bright and the variety is amazing. I felt like a little girl in a princess story and wanted to choose them all.

I ended up with 3 tops , one pants ( I have so many ) and one sweater.

I am going on shoot 5-7th of February and can not wait to show you all professional photos in these new sets of clothes.


top and pants are from VS


Sweater from VS


This top and pants are amazing design from Domyos, the pants the are waist high and holds everything you want where you want it


I am so in love with this bright yellow top from VS

I know how many women are crazy about shoes. I am crazy about sports wear of any kind. I have big section of my walk-inn closet filled with all kinds of sport wear. Well because I spend a lot of my time doing various types of sports.

I have from pole-fitness clothes  to motocross gear!


— Arna Karls —


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