How cheat day can sometimes end up as cheat week

Everyone that is on The road to a healthy and fit body know what I am talking about when cheat day is the favorite day of the week. You feel so accomplished and you have no regrets when you have the cheat meals you have earned in EVERY way. But sometimes its hard to stop after a cheat day.. ohh well we are all human.

Cheat day can become cheat day and that can progress to a month and so on.

What can we do to try to prevent cheat day becoming cheat week or even get you completely off your road to your goals?


Yes it is cheat day. But sugar is addictive in a way because it creates a vicious cycle of intense cravings. So its best to try to go easy on the sugar intake to prevent sugar crash that leads to intense sugar cravings.

See more about sugar : article somes tomorrow :)

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