15 hour road trip around Iceland scouting for perfect locations :D

We decided to take a long road trip around Iceland to find the perfect locations for The Arna Karls Shootout.

The Perlan in Reykjavík is perfect place to have really good overview over most of the Capital.


Perlan – Danny Kuiper taken on Samsung phone

We went out 3 and half together for this long and amazing day.  Me , Heiðar Árnason , Danny Kuiper and my son Ares Loki.

We decided to start with taking the so called Golden Circle.

In the Golden Circle you can see Gullfoss and Geysir.


Gullfoss – Danny Kuiper taken on Samsung phone


Danny Kuiper in front of my camera for once


After taking a walk around Geysir and Gullfoss we took long back roads towards Sólheimasandur.

We of cause took a stop at the famous Eyjafjallajökull and snapped some photos on our way there:




IMG_1332We took one really bumpy ride to reach the crashed airplane that lies on the bed of sand.

12814325_1647268508867301_410766372264366103_n 12801438_1647268458867306_7809323879829215271_n 12799293_1647268455533973_5055623500359112798_n 12799286_1647268512200634_7312024736796689622_n 12799111_1647268452200640_7382065072961729817_n 12794549_1647268548867297_7616231716748032179_n 12794402_1647268502200635_5496242130532797442_n

All these magnificent photos of the airplane are taken by Danny Kuiper see more of his work here :

Dan-K Photography

Then we hit the road to drive to Reynisfjara so called Black Beach


IMG_1347 IMG_1348 IMG_1351

After amazing day of traveling we went out to dinner at Suður Vík Restaurant and had a good dinner.


Me and Danny Kuiper


Father like son haha Ares Loki & Heiðar Árnason


Tired but exited after a long day #selfie



—Arna Karls—


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