90 days fitness challenge

Last days I have been working so hard on finding a good motivation to get me off my ass and start working out.

I live in Reykjavík , Iceland so it has been winter for me last months.  In the winter we have so few hours of daylight that many get some kind of depression and get lazy and evenings under blanket as couch potato is what most people do.

Last almost 2 months I have to admit I have been on that road….

Well I have gone to 3-4 Zumba classes but that is all of exercise I really have done other than working and little sexy time with my man.

So after to many evenings with bowls full of candy and popcorn and to many liters of Coca Cola I am done for now..

So I am taking a:

90 days challenge

Every day:

100 Push ups

100 Sit ups

Run 1 mile (1,6 km)

The challenge may not sound hard but it sure is…

So the terms are:

If you skip a day you need to start all over again and no cheating because you are only cheating on yourself.

Yes you can stop some seconds in between to catch your breath :)


I challenge you ALL to take part !! 😀



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