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15 hour road trip around Iceland scouting for perfect locations :D

We decided to take a long road trip around Iceland to find the perfect locations for The Arna Karls Shootout. The Perlan in Reykjavík is perfect place to have really good overview over most of the Capital. We went out 3 and half together for this long and amazing day.  Me , Heiðar Árnason ,

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Lumee Phone case

So sent me awesome phone case today to take my selfies better lol It sure is fun to use. It has selfie lights you can turn on that brightens up your face and makes you able to take the perfect selfie 😀 😀 you can order it here : LUMEE I sure recommend you

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Hello world!

Hello Everyone I’m finally making my first blog here on my page and I have planned to be really active in the future. I´m doing my best to get my official page looking good and will be changing it down to sections: I´m going to have Mom blog where I´m going to talk about everything

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