Arna Karls was discovered by Casting acting agency when she was 14 years old. After attending classes with them she got roles in commercials and as an extra in movies.

At the age of 16 Arna was signed by the modeling agency Eskimo Models. The agency sent her to modeling school and created a portfolio for her. Soon after she started working as a runway model while continuing to act in commercials and TV shows.

At 17 Arna was first published in magazines, at 18 she was asked to compete in Miss Hawaiian Tropic Iceland. The competition was filmed for a six episode TV show. Arna made it to the end of the series and was one of the top 3 models in the competition. The Playboy photographer Ric Moore came to Iceland in 2006 to shoot with the rising glamour models and chosen girls from the Hawaiian Tropic show. He came with a camera crew who filmed Hawaiian Tropic adventures and Playing in Paradise.

The Same year Arna was booked as a model at a Kanye West party. She travelled to London for a club appearance then on to Barcelona for the release of Kanye’s popular song Gold Digger.

From there the ball started to roll fast and everyone wanted to be involved with the little starlet on her way to the top. Photographers came from other countries wanting to work with Arna, the Norwegian artist Sarah Brown came to Iceland and chose Arna as her model for an art show on an island called Hrísey, located just off the North coast of Iceland. Large format photographs of Arna in Icelandic wool sweaters. The media coverage of Brown´s pictures spanned over Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. This landed Arna her first cover in a Norwegian magazine.

In January 2013 Arna went to Los Angeles, USA for a shoot with American Playboy for their Apps and web pages. This lead to Playboy around the world showing increased interest, Arna was contacted by Playboy Mexico and was featured as a model on their website. In May 2014 Playboy Mexico shot with her In Cancun and in September 2014 she was published in Playboy Mexico as a Playmate with 12 pages and a centerfold.

Svartur á leik.
Strákarnir okkar.

TV Shows:
Silvía Nótt.
Steindi Jr.
Áramótaskaupið 2012
Áramótaskaupið 2013

Levi’s campaign
Gk clothes
Turmeric drink
Smirnoff Ice
Djúpa Laugin

Sèð og Heyrt
Hér og nú
Bleikt & Blátt
Playboy Mexico

Music Videos:
Steindi Jr.
Dirty Night Dj Óli Geir

Radio shows:

Björn Blöndal
Jónas Hallgrímsson
Arnold Björnsson ( Playboy )
Marinó Flóvent
Ólafur Harðarson ( Playboy )
Þormar Vignir Gunnarsson
Ric Moore ( Playboy )
Jerry Steele
Joel London ( Playboy )
Luis Munoz ( Playboy )
Mann ( Playboy Mexico )
Adam Rindy ( Playboy USA )
Garry Miller
Jeffery Silva
Eric Di Giacomo

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  1. Shawn Kieran Reply

    I want to thank you for sharing this page. It is a wonderful write up of a very goal driven person. It is nice to know the person beyond the pictures. I wish you good luck on your new business venture. I do like the pictures of your children because it shows how much of a caring person you are. Thank you for skating a piece of you that not many people set.

  2. Lin Ronald Reply

    Hello Arna,
    I am Lin Ronald from New Zealand and I currently live in Cozumel Mexico.
    I believe this will interest you also.
    I have an idea for a video collaboration effort between us and I would like to send you an outline and ask that you consider it. It will benefit both of us as a cross industry promotion. You as a famous model and entertainer turned business woman and I as a simple adventurer who has lived in many many countries and have a wealth of experience to add to your portfolio. In return I hope my journey will inspire other young adventurers. I know your experiences will inspire lots of young girls waning to enter their own online businesses.

    FYI I am a round the world yacht sailor and adventurer and I have never received a paycheck in my life. I have had to create it all from nothing.

    The purpose of this response is so we can refer back to it as evidence of a chance meeting on the internet with todays date on it.
    I think this might be helpful for future students if you accept and agree with my proposal.
    Many thanks,

    Lin Ronald
    Cozumel Mexico.

    • arnakarls Reply

      Hello Lin Ronald,

      Thank you so much for contacting me. I am glad you reached out. I find that this could be exiting and different approach on my business and I would love to hear more about it.

      Mexico is dear to my hear and I think for sure that a small piece of my heart is there lol

      please contact me via or or on my fb

      Thank you so much and I look forward for future collaboration.


      Arna Karls

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