The road to a healthy and fit body

The best way to start your journey on “The road to a healthy and fit body” is by taking the first step. From there the next step will always be easier to take. I am not going to lie to you and say that this will be easy, but i can tell you that it will be hard but at the same time it will be fun, it can make you feel down, but at the same time it will pick you up. You will for sure take a misstep or two(sometimes a lot more), but if you always keep going on the road to a healthy and fit body you will in the end reach your goal.

To start with do not set your goals too high but still paint a picture in your head how you would like the end results to be.

Make a 6 weeks plan, 3 months plan, 6 months plan, a year plan and up to 5 years plan or even the rest of your life.

You can take the first step by saying to yourself;

I am done with this unhealthy lifestyle and now i am going to change my way of living. Even say it out loud, just get it out there !.

The best way to start is starting to clean up your diet. Because with good food choices follows more energy and the will to do better in every aspect of life.

More and more recent studies show us that introducing more exercise into our lives will give the body tremendous amounts of extra energy and even help you to be in a better mood.

But that does not mean that only exercising will be enough. Eating healthy is a big part if not the biggest part of actually getting healthy, but that does not mean that eating healthy has to be a “bad” thing as more and more products that are healthy are seeing the daylight in the stores.

Eating clean has never been as easy as it is today see;

What it means to eat clean.

The variety of health products (food, supplements etc.) has never been as much as it is now and the market is only growing as the clean food become more and more popular.

People nowadays are getting much more aware of what they are consuming and the demand for healthier products like organic , gluten-free , dairy-free is increasing. We are lucky that the industry goes where the demand is.

I have to admit that I am lucky that  I come from a country where we did not get hit as fast with the fast food train but still researches shows we are on the top 20 countries in the world that are the fattest.

Find your country here below: imrs.php




Now I am sure it is going to be a little shock to you where your country is on this chart if not then I am glad where you live in the world. The changes on peoples fitness and diet has changes so much for the worse last years but I hope in my heart that is coming to an end and we all are going to treat our bodies like temple like it should be.

Because we only have one body and it actually can get damage beyond the point of repair.

With that said I am glad you came to my page and have chosen to take your first step into the road of healthy and fit body.

I hope that with my help and guidance you will achieve your goals.


— Arna Karls —


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