What It means to eat clean

These days the term clean eating gets thrown around like it is common knowledge. But most people do not really know what it takes to eat clean and how it benefits the overall health. I am going to clear the confusion and provide you with the easiest and most delicious ways to get started today.

when this looks like heaven you are on the right track

when this looks like heaven you are on the right track


 You have probably seen it on magazines covers and heard celebrities, athletes , nutritionists and maybe even your friends talk about it.

But what does CLEAN EATING really mean ??

If you are confused then you are not alone. In the world we live in today we are all bombarded with so much information about different diets, new food studies, and food-packing labels that seem to promise big but hidden health benefits like:









and the list goes on and on.

With all this going on its hard to know what to eat on a daily basis and even harder to know what to buy for the week.

But unlike traditional and fad diets, eating clean is a lifestyle choice.

Eating clean is not just shopping for one food label or eating a specific way, where you give up gluten or dairy , or start slashing calories, carbs, or sodium.

While the term can mean different things to different people, the root of it all is the effort to consume as many whole foods as possible that have undergone as little processing as possible.

Here I am talking about foods that look and taste like they came fresh out of the ground or from a tree, a farm , the ocean , or even from someones kitchen, just not like they are fresh from the conveyor belt of a factory.

Eating clean means in short words choosing foods that do not have a ton of (preferably none) added chemicals like pesticides, herbicides , preservatives, or artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors.

For many eating clean also means trying to eat organic and local whenever possible.

A diet rich in unprocessed whole foods automatically increases your intake of vitamins, nutrients , minerals and phytochemicals , and decreases unhealthy fats ,added sugar , excess sodium , chemicals , pesticide , and preservatives.

plural noun: phytochemicals
any of various biologically active compounds found in plants.

Eating clean is a simple way to stay lean , healthy, and feeling great.

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