The road to where I am today

Since I was a little girl I have always had big dreams and big goals no dream or goal has ever been too big for me. I understand that it takes a lot of work and effort to get where I want in life and I have always been ready to put in all work needed.
When I was just a little girl around age of 4 years I wanted to become a singer, model and an achieving athlete.
My singing:
My mom took me everywhere she could where I could sing on stage in front of as many people as possible.
I have always wanted and loved to be in the spotlight and I have always felt best when I have all the attention.
When I was a little older I started going to my first singing school and sung in my first big concert.
From there I applied to the best singing school in Iceland and got in after one hour of intake exams.
That was for the first time in my life where I actually felt super insecure and the crowd scared me. I thought I would be singing for 1-3 persons that were going to judge me … but no, there were at least 30 people. All of the teachers in the school and I was supposed to do vocals I had never done in my life.
After this hard trial I felt like I could conquer the world.
My modeling and acting:
Since I was a little girl I loved posing for photos and I was convinced that I was a princess that was born at the wrong time. Since I started remembering my life I have been posing and I have loved every minute of it.
I had big dreams about becoming world famous model and at age of 14 I was discovered by a modeling agency named Eskimo models at the local mall. They had big hopes for me and big goals. They made me a portfolio and sent me to modeling and acting classes. But unfortunately I never made the minimum height for a model that is 172 cm.. I only grew to become 162 cm. My agency still gave me projects and even some runway shows, but it ended up where I was acting much more than I was modeling.
I can be seen at some point in most of Icelandic television shows and i have been in many commercials but I always wanted to do something bigger and get my name out there in the world.
Then I got scouted by another agency that told me I was what is called a Glamour model and there I could go far, just like I dreamed off.

Photographer: Jeffrey Silva

Photographer: Jeffrey Silva

Glamour – Noun

  1. The quality of fascinating, alluring, or attracting, especially by a combination of charm and good looks.
  2. Excitement, adventure, and unusual activity: the glamour of being an explorer.
  3.  Magic or enchantment; spell; witchery.
  4. Suggestive or full of glamour; glamorous: a glamour job in television; glamour stocks.

Glamour photography for example is all about fantasy, and specifically sexual fantasy.
That said, glamour is not – let me say it again – is not like pornography. Rather than go on some thousand word diatribe about why it is not like porn, I will just say that, if you’re unsure, hit up Google and search for some. If that doesn’t show you the profound difference between the images in this article and the images the Google gods will throw at you for searching “porn”, then I can’t help you. Pornographic images and videos, if I’m honest, scare the hell out of me a lot of the time. The vulgarity, disrespect, even violence. Just awful.
With that all said I found out that the top was PLAYBOY and I always want to reach the top in everything task I take on so that was my new goal. Becoming Playboy playmate.
I never felt I was hot enough in any way to become playboy playmate.
I always have thought of myself as just a Jane Doe, not sexy at all and I don´t have the big silicon boobs like most of these girls has. But still I achieved my goals and am an international Playboy playmate for Mexico.

Me as an athlete:

My mother and father are both award winning athletes so since I started to be able to walk I have been really active in sports.

Sports that I have trained:

Ballet – Gymnastics – Athletics – Swimming – Karate – Taek won do – Judo – Kick box- Tracks – Running – Pole fitness – Fitness

I have gotten many awards for my athletic achievements.

My passion these days is going to the gym at least 6 times a week. I love lifting heavy weights and go with my friends for different classes at the fitness center. I have to admit that these days I am crazy for Zumba classes and butt lift.

Here is where I started on my road to healthy and fit body without knowing it yet :
I started working out hard 6-8 times a week to get the body of my goals and started to get my body from being a little chubby for my body type to looking healthy and fit.
I found out that food consumption has equal value to the exercise you do.
Instead of keeping on pursuing my dreams I signed up for school to finish graduating to get into the work market.
After 3 semester in school I got pregnant of my older son Tristan. He was a big surprise and I was not even sure if I was ready or not at that time to become mother. But after the doctors appointment where I could see his heart beating I knew that this was little creature I would protect with my life.

The beginning of motherhood:
Like all mothers know the pregnancy does a lot of changes to your body and not all are what you will be happy about. I went from to at the end of my pregnancy. It takes the body 9 months to grow and at least so for the skin and hips to go back to normal or even one or 2 size bigger. (even more for some and that is alright also )
I stayed for some time after birth until one day I said that this was enough and that i wanted to get my eating in order and start to do some exercises.
When my son Tristan Logi (born 15.03.12) was only 6 weeks old I found out that the girls working at the daycare in the fitness center were amazing and I got addicted to my one hour off from my mom duty. It felt so amazing to just be able to be me for an hour a day and knowing that my son was in good hands over that period of time.
From there I started to want more exercise each day. Lucky for me I was on maternity leave for 6 months so I had all the time in the world to go out for long walks with my little cutie.
When my son was around 10 months old I graduated with good grades and even got a 10 for my final assignment as Hairstylist after 5 years of studying both in school and at a salon.



My Company:
I had big dreams about opening a salon so I could be my own boss and had been planning it since 2009. I slowly started over the years buying appliances and chairs and such needed for a salon and kept it in a storage.
2013 I met my fiancé and he gave me the courage and support to make my dreams become a reality.
The 11th of November 2013 I opened up my hair salon in the biggest mall of my country Iceland.

It Has the name Fönix Hárstofa (Phoenix hairsalon).
When I opened the news media in Iceland was excited to write about my achievements and seeing me going into other fields than just modeling and acting like I had made my name well known by before.
After opening my hair salon I felt like my energy was never as high as it could be so I started to study how you get more energy and how to get the most power from your body and mind.
I found out that the right food intake and exercise is the key to having good energy and the power to do everything you want and I have been using these tools ever since. After running my company for a year I got pregnant again with my newborn son Ares Loki (01.11.15).
I worked almost every day until October 1st but I still managed everything until I gave birth.
I tried the best as I could to stay healthy and fit throughout the pregnancy but going almost 2 weeks over due I was started to be crazy unhealthy at the end.
That pregnancy I went from 59 kg to 75 kg.
Gaining as much for week 1-38 and from week 38-42.

35 weeks pregnant

35 weeks pregnant


When my son was new born he was a lot of work and I could not get much sleep so I started to feel restless. I was not happy about my body either so I designed waist trainers to help me get my waist line back.

My design

My design

I decided to start selling them to the public and they became super popular which I did not expect.
From there I started the journey of getting my body back to the way it was before i had my sons.
It was not until Jan 1st that I actually took the decision to clean my food intake and starting to eat clean full time and get the extra fat and skin off that I have no need to be carrying around.
Eating clean is not easy but it is the hardest for your mental state.
First days of eating clean it is like you get possessed by a person that is CRAZY about anything and everything unhealthy.
You get cravings to EAT literally everything … even food you have never wanted before…
January 1st I was 65 kg and had no energy and was not feeling good.
Today is 01.19.2016 and I feel amazing and full of energy and weigh 132, 5 lbs. or 60,1 kg.

Mynd fyrir heimasíðu
For my height (162 cm) and body type (petite) I feel like my maximum weight that i should be is around 59 kg when i don’t have muscles that I feel good about.
Even though I have not reached my weight I am super happy about my body because I know that I am treating it as a temple and the better I treat my body, the better I feel about myself.
So the road to a healthy and fit body is all about feeling good in your own skin and being healthy and treating your body like it should be treated.



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